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ADTA offers three types of events:

Defensive Training Workshops – Hands-on training based on our bi-monthly themes.  All Workshops are FREE public events and include an introduction to our New Shooter 101 Training Program.

Live-Fire Defensive Training at the range – Focusing on basic shooting skills you need for home defense—getting off the X, hitting your target accurately, and shooting from cover, to name a few.

Fun Shoots –  Give you a good reason to include more live-fire practice in your busy schedule. Membership is not required to attend. This is a great way to find out more about ADTA.

ADTA events are organized into Themes:

  • Jan-Feb = Introduction to Handgun Ownership
  • March-April = Home Defense
  • May-June = Alternative Self-Defense
  • July-Aug = Concealed Carry
  • Sept-Oct = Self-Defense Away From Home
  • Nov-Dec = Holiday Fun

All Upcoming Events

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Join us at our next event – We're looking forward to seeing you!

You must be logged in to register for events.  Events are typically organized 30 to 90 days in advance. You must be a current ADTA member to participate in live-fire range events.  Monthly workshops are generally open to the public—you're welcome to attend and learn more about ADTA.



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