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How to Pay an Invoice

Follow these steps to pay an open invoice.  You can either (1) pay with a credit card, or (2) pay with a credit on file – for example you may have paid for an event but were not able to attend.

1.  You must be logged into the system to pay an invoice.

 2.  Press the log in button on the upper right of your screen:

3.  Click on view profile:

4.  Select Invoices and Payments

5.  To pay with a credit card, Click on the Pay Online button. 
If you have a credit on file, skip this step and go to the next one.

6.  To pay with a credit on file:  (1) check the boxes for the charge and credit that you want to match up,
then (2) click on the settle button.

7.  Need help paying an invoice?  Email us at:



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