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In keeping with the best practices recommended by WA State for preventing the spread of Coronavirus, ADTA has cancelled many events.  Please see below for details.

ADTA offers four types of events:

Dry-Fire Training Workshops – Hands-on scenario based training.  All these workshops are FREE public events that include an introduction to our New Shooter 101 Training Program.

Live-Fire Training at the range – Live-fire scenarios that train you in basic skills—getting off the X, hitting your target accurately, and shooting from cover, to name a few.  These events take place in open tactical bays at indoor ranges.

Beginners Workshops – Basic training for new handgun shooters and those wanting to learn to shoot. This dry-fire training event covers the basics of handgun safety and operation.

Fun Shoots –  Give you a good reason to include more live-fire practice in your busy schedule. Membership is not required to attend. This is a great way to find out more about ADTA.  Meet and be mentored by ADTA instructors, get signed off on Safe & Defensive Shooter skills, and try other guns people brought to share.

ADTA Scenario-Based Training prepares you to deal with the most common defensive situations:

  • ACTIVE SHOOTER SITUATIONS in public places, and 
  • SUDDEN CONFRONTATIONS that arise without warning while away from home.

All Upcoming Events

Join us at our next event – We're looking forward to seeing you!

You must be logged in to register for events.  Events are typically organized 60 to 90 days in advance.  Dry-Fire Training Workshops and Fun Shoots are open to the public—you're welcome to attend and learn more about ADTA.  You must be a current ADTA member to participate in Live-Fire Training in an open bay.



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