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ADTA: Building Practical
Self-Defense Skills

Who are we?

We help people learn practical self-defense in a safe, empowering and supportive environment.

Our members are people who shoot, or want to learn to shoot, in an engaging and supportive social group.

New Shooter Training


We bring together the generosity of our members to help our neighbors, friends and communities be safer.

Monthly Free Public Training Workshops

Benefits of ADTA

  • Greater confidence in defending yourself and your family
  • Learn at your own pace with mentoring from experienced members
  • The excitement and enthusiasm from participating in interesting and challenging live-fire practices every month

Monthly Live-Fire Practice Events

Training for beginners

Our New Shooter 101 training program is designed for beginners with no previous firearms knowledge.

You learn at your own pace by watching videos at home and attending our FREE public workshops, where you'll find New Shooter 101 training throughout the year.  

Upon completion you'll qualify to attend our live-fire practice events.  Find out how to qualify for live-fire.

Instructors, Mentors, and Range Safety Officers are present at every event

Live-Fire Practice

We provide shoot-on-the-move and low-light defensive practice that you cannot get on your own at the range.

Experienced shooters:  We invite you to join ADTA and have fun shooting with us.  Find out how to qualify for live-fire.

Experience live-fire shooting you cannot get on your own at the range

To shoot or not to shoot?

We believe that using a firearm for self-defense should be your last resort, after all other methods have failed.

Besides helping you learn how to shoot, ADTA also trains you how to AVOID shooting.  We call this Layers of Safety, which is included in most workshops.  Find out about Layers of Safety.

Voice defense is one of ADTA's Layers of Safety

Get to know us

The best way to learn more about ADTA is by attending one of our FREE Public Workshops.  Check out our Upcoming Events.  We're looking forward to meeting you!  

Get to know us by attending our FREE Public Workshops


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We sponsor 48 training events per year.  Check out our UPCOMING EVENTS to find out more!

ADTA Hands-on Practice Events

Watch these videos — Find out what we're about

Live-fire practice:
Tueller Drill with moving target

Sergeant Dennis Tueller of the Salt Lake City PD established that an attacker with a knife 21 feet away can reach you in 1.5 seconds.  Additional measurements with average people show that 1.5 – 2 seconds is typical.  This exercise with a moving target gives our trainees hands-on experience with this life-threatening situation.  Find out how to qualify for live-fire.

Live-fire practice:
Shooting on the move

Real-life defensive situations present themselves under pressure and without warning.  This live-fire practice session led by instructor Wu Chin gets you accustomed to reacting swiftly and accurately.  This type of training is one of the unique benefits of ADTA membership!  Find out how to qualify for live-fire.

Live-fire practice:
Shooting in low light

Many real-life defensive situations occur in low light.  But how often do you get to practice that?  In ADTA's low-light practice scenario you learn how to hold a flashlight while shooting accurately.  Led by instructor Chad Hiatt, this is one of our most popular events!  Find out how to qualify for live-fire.

Beginner's training:
New Shooter 101

Do you want to learn to shoot?  Find out what ADTA has to offer by attending our monthly workshops.  Most of them include hands-on training from our New Shooter 101 handgun training program.  By attending you can learn the skills you need to participate in our live-fire practice events.  Find out about New Shooter 101.

Hands-on workshop:
Pepper spray

Pepper spray is one of ADTA's Layers of Safety.  Our pepper spray workshop gives trainees exposure to the basic types of pepper spray, using inert practice canisters.  Pepper spray can be an effective defensive option when using deadly force is not warranted by the situation.  Find out about Layers of Safety.

Hands-on workshop:
Voice defense

Voice defense is another of ADTA's Layers of Safety.  Our demeanor, our fighting spirit, and our face, are the most empowering tools we have. Every serial rapist, every serial killer, is looking for a passive victim. They don’t want to take on somebody that looks they’re going to fight back.  Find out about Layers of Safety.

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Federal Way, Washington, USA
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