New Shooter 101 Events

ADTA helps beginners learn to shoot skillfully and safely.  Our New Shooter 101 events are designed to familiarize new shooters with handguns, even if they have never shot a gun before.

At Cabela's Tulalip

At Cabela's Tulalip

At Woodinville American Legion Hall

At Federal Way Senior Center

Live-Fire Events – Monthly Practice

ADTA members practice regularly at our monthly live-fire events.  We believe that "You'll do as you train", and encourage our members to maintain their skill levels.

Community Outreach – Farmers Market

As a community service organization, ADTA participates in local events like the Farmers Market and Safety Fair.  Our "shooting range" never fails to attract people eager to try shooting our SIRT laser training pistols.

Monthly Workshops – New Shooter Training

ADTA has trained hundreds of new shooters.  In this seminar, new shooters learn basic safety rules, and practice firearms handling using their "finger guns".

Monthly Workshops – Carjacking Scenarios

You get in your parked car and get ready to drive off.  The bad guy in the orange shirt distracts you while an armed thug approaches unseen from the rear.  Suddenly you have a gun pointed in your face.  Even though you're armed, the bad guys have the element of surprise.  What would you do?  Much of what you'll learn as an event participant comes from the debriefing with instructors at the end of the scenario.  (All scenarios are run using laser training pistols and Airsoft guns without BBs.  Participants have been cleared by ADTA Range Safety Officers and are not carrying actual firearms.)

In this scenario two bad guys are trying break into your car and steal it.  You were in a hurry and locked your children in the car while you dashed into the 7-11, and now they are in grave danger of bodily harm.  Upon returning to her car, our armed participant wisely moved to cover when she realized what was happening.  In the debriefing she learned from the instructors that because her children were in danger, she had no "duty to warn" before firing on the thugs.

Monthly Workshops – Gun Takeaway

In this presentation, our instructor shows you what to do if someone points a gun at you while you are seated in a restaurant.  Then our attendees try their hand at it, only to find out it's not as easy as he made it look!  (Everybody is using non-firing plastic practice pistols.)

Monthly Workshops – Stressful Situations

Our instructor explains you have to maintain concentration in stressful situations.  In the first scenario, our participants are seated in a restaurant and suddenly faced with an active shooter.  In another scenario you have to defend yourself after being knocked down onto your back.  (All participants are using SIRT laser training pistols so that we can see if they are maintaining accuracy.) 

Does this look like fun?

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