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  • LIVE-FIRE TACTICAL SHOOT – ADTA Federal Way – Training for Experienced Shooters in an Open Bay

LIVE-FIRE TACTICAL SHOOT – ADTA Federal Way – Training for Experienced Shooters in an Open Bay

  • Saturday, December 19, 2020
  • 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
  • Federal Way Discount Guns Indoor Range, 1401 S 324th St, Federal Way 98003
  • 14


LIVE-FIRE TACTICAL SHOOT – Training for Experienced Shooters in an Open Bay
PLEASE NOTE:  You must hold the ADTA Safe Shooter Certification in order to attend this event.
  • Open to ADTA members.  You must register and prepay to attend.
  • Please plan on arriving 15 minutes early to check in!
  • Covid restrictions apply – bring your mask
  • VENUE: Federal Way Indoor Range 

Click here to see videos from our Live-Fire Training Events!

Event Description

Build and maintain your shooting skills by attending ADTA’s Live-Fire training events. All of our events include fun and challenging defensive scenarios – see below for details.  Use this opportunity to get your Defensive Shooter card signed off.  Join us and receive practical defensive firearms training that you cannot get on your own at the range. 

Defensive Skills Training at this Event

  • Drawing from the holster
  • Getting off the "X" and moving to cover
  • Tactical and emergency reloads
  • Off-hand shooting
  • Clearing malfunctions
Advanced Training in Bay 2 using pistols
  • Active shooter situations
  • Sudden confrontations
  • Shoot no shoot scenarios

ADTA Safe Shooter certification is required to participate

ADTA membership is required to attend, and you must have earned your Safe Shooter certification.  Click here to start your membership application process. To find out more about ADTA certifications, click here.

What to bring - handguns

In addition to your eye and ear protection, all participants need to bring their own semi-auto handgun, strong-side muzzle-down belt holster, at least two magazine belt pouches, at least two magazines, and 150 rounds of ammunition, and a tactical flashlight.  For more information check out our ADTA Shooter's Checklist.

Firearm Safety Protocol

This protocol must be followed for everyone's safety. ADTA Range Safety Officers (RSOs) will be present to check you in at the door.

  • If you have a CPL and normally carry, you may arrive with your firearm loaded and holstered. Event staff will direct you where and when to unload and re-holster your UNLOADED firearm at the start of the event. At the conclusion of the event, event staff will direct you to reload and holster.
  • If you do not carry, please arrive with your firearm unloaded and cased. Event staff will direct you where and when to uncase and transfer your UNLOADED firearm to your holster.



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