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You, Your Sights, and the Target

Tony Wilson ADTA Member

Should you use your sights at all in a gunfight?  What if they are off?  Can you adjust them?  At what range should you zero your weapon?  Are ballistic numbers of any relevance?  How do you adjust laser sights?

Tony grew up gun-familiar on a farm in central Washington.  As an Army Reservist, he received Advanced Infantry Training and served as armorer for his reserve unit in the 1960s.  In 2006, Tony was certified as a "Combat-Oriented Police Shooter" by the Jim Gregg Shooting Schools.  Mostly, he is a trained librarian who knows how to review and research.  He is also a charter member of the ADTA.

At our November 2011 regular membership meeting, Tony assembled an excellent presentation on the techniques of properly sighting in your gun, from pistols to rifles.  Included below are references and links to the materials Tony has made available as part of his presentation. 

Thanks, Tony!

-- Chad Hiatt

1. References (Handout)
2. Slide Deck (Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF format)
3. Slide Deck (original Microsoft PowerPoint format)
4. Example DEA 25 yard sighting target (Adobe PDF format)



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