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A Woman's View Of ADTA

By April Hiatt

“I love this group!” Dana exclaimed at the Armed Defense Training Association’s Introduction to Handguns, range session in January. 

I completely agree with Dana. I love this group of outstanding people. ADTA is an amazing club to be a member of, because, for starters, the guys are true gentlemen. Whenever I arrive at the range with my arms loaded with equipment, these good men hold open the door or kindly offer their assistance.

There are no macho attitudes here, just a great group of like-minded, helpful, and respectful people with an eagerness to learn, share and practice skills of self-defense.

Dana’s comment led me to wonder how the other women at the workshop felt about the event. After our range time had concluded, I asked these ladies to share their experiences with me.

Tamie was ecstatic:  “I loved it! I will be back. It was not as scary as I thought. Once I was shown and confidence how to stand and line up my hand to the gun the kickback was not bad at all.” It was a delight to see Tamie’s smile grow after each shot she took.

Jennifer remarked, “I learned from everyone that I worked with.” When asked what one of the most helpful tips was, she replied, “My husband and I can’t just buy one gun and share it.” Each ADTA mentor she worked with had brought many of their own firearms. Each new shooter got to try at least six different guns. Jennifer also said her mentors were super-nice and she was very glad that she and her husband attended.

Esther observed that learning to shoot with ADTA was much better than just going to the range on her own. When asked to describe her over all opinion of the group, she answered, “The relaxing and welcoming atmosphere made it fun, and the one on one instruction I received was extremely helpful. I really enjoyed working with Wu because he was so gentle and very knowledgeable without being overbearing.”

It is one thing to own a gun, then once you have it, you say to yourself, "Now what do I do?"  ADTA takes you to the next level by teaching you to take charge of your gun safely and proficiently. When asked for her thoughts, Cindy replied, "I feel much more comfortable and safe using my gun, thanks to ADTA.” 


Stephanie was very eager to answer my inquiry because she truly loves this group. I asked her what she most loves about it. “What’s not to love about it?" she replied.  "We get help at all levels, real world type of training, and very passionate members. But I would have to say the best part is, even though I’m a woman, the men in this group treat me as an equal. They never talk down to me.”

I wholeheartedly agree with their enthusiasm -- I absolutely love this group too! Being an ADTA member has been a very exciting and thrilling experience for me as I’ve developed the skills and confidence to handle firearms. 

I‘ve also overcome some heart-wrenching fears. If you were to tell me two years ago that I would be an NRA Range Safety Officer and help present two YouTube videos I would have said you were out of your mind. But, as Cindy said, “ADTA takes you to the next level!”



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