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adta Live! zoom training videos

These videos are recordings of Zoom training meetings held after the pandemic lockdown caused us to cancel our in-person events.  Our presenters are the same instructors who have been leading ADTA's regular dry-fire and live-fire events for the past 10 years.

How to select your first handgun

When you’re starting out as a shooter, everybody has an opinion about what gun you should buy.  In this workshop we’ll help sort through all this by identifying the factors that really matter.  Does the gun fit your hand?  Can you operate the slide?  Do you want it for home defense?  Or for concealed carry?  Or both?  We’ll help answer all these questions and more.

How to stay safe with your new handgun

ADTA is here to help you learn the basics of handgun safety and operation.  In this meeting we’ll start with the four basic rules of gun safety.  Then we’ll cover the basics of handgun operation, including how to hold a gun and aim it accurately at your target.

Choosing the concealed carry option for you

If you’re interested in concealed-carry self-defense, this is the meeting for you.  We’ll talk about which guns and holsters are well-suited for carry.  A lot depends on your body type and the type of clothing you wear.  You also need to think about where you can and cannot go while carrying.  Our instructor will help you sort through all these options.

How to dry-fire practice at home

Dry-fire practice gives you a way to work on your handgun skills at home, without firing any shots.  It gives you a way to work on the basics anytime you have a few minutes to spare.  Dry-fire practice helps you improve your grip, stance, and aiming at the target.  It’s one of the best ways to improve your skills as a shooter.

How to shoot in low light or no light

Many self-defense situations take place in low light.  In this meeting we’ll show you the basics of using a flashlight while shooting your gun.  You’ll learn about techniques for aiming the flashlight while also aiming your gun.  We’ll also cover the different types of flashlights and how to use them.



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