We all want to learn, but we want to do so safely, alongside other responsible individuals that we can trust to handle firearms appropriately.  As an organization, the Armed Defense Training Association mandates that only active members in good standing may participate in live-fire events.  ADTA elects to perform screening and review of applicants and members to help maintain a safe, productive, trustworthy and friendly learning environment.  Most of our meetings and seminars; which do not include live-fire exercises; are generally open to the public as well as members.  Our classes and presentations are a great way to get to know us prior to deciding to become a member and participate in live-fire events. 


Membership in the Armed Defense Training Association (ADTA) is open to upstanding, responsible adults of our communities, including in general people who:

  • Are 18 years of age or older, and
  • Have a valid Washington State Driver’s License, and
  • May legally possess a firearm, and
  • Are physically and mentally able to safely participate in ADTA events, and
  • Consent to permit the ADTA to perform background checks, and
  • Are current on their ADTA membership dues

and who either:

  • Have a valid Washington State Concealed Pistol License (CPL), or
  • Have a valid Washington Arms Collectors (WAC) membership, or
  • Who satisfactorily pass background checks requested by the ADTA.

Membership is at the discretion of the ADTA Board of Directors.  

What does the background check entail?

The purpose of the ADTA background check is to help establish the credibility and character of applicants.  All ADTA applicants are required to consent that the ADTA may perform background checks upon the applicant at its discretion and expense, including at any time after membership is established.  In general, background checks include public record searches, particularly criminal and court records.

Should a background check contain negative information, and that information is taken into account by the ADTA in a decision to deny or terminate membership, we will provide details of the background check sources we used.  Applicants are encouraged to contact those sources to correct information they report, if necessary.  The ADTA may require applicants to agree to cover costs incurred to perform additional background checks to investigate or resolve disparities.

If an applicant cannot pass a background check to the ADTA’s satisfaction, but subsequently obtains a valid Washington State Concealed Pistol License (CPL), the CPL will be accepted in lieu of the background check. 

Maintaining Eligibility

It is each member’s responsibility to inform the ADTA should an event occur which may impact their eligibility to participate in ADTA events, such as:

  • Change or concern regarding physical and mental capacity to safely participate.
  • Suspension of or restriction upon right to possess firearms.
  • Revocation or expiration of a Washington State Concealed Pistol License.
  • Revocation or expiration of a Washington Arms Collectors membership.
  • Confiscation of firearms pending criminal investigation.
  • Conviction of any misdemeanor or felony which may lawfully preclude possession of firearms.

The ADTA Board of Directors may review any member’s present eligibility.  At the discretion of the Board, membership may be terminated at any time without refund or compensation. 


ADTA is a member-led organization.  We welcome your feedback and comments.  Please direct inquiries to our Membership Committee, reachable via e-mail at  Alternatively, visit one of our public monthly membership meetings and seminars, and we can talk in person during general discussion after the event.



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