Layers of Safety

A term of art that denotes all the defense measures you can take before you draw a firearm.

In order by increasing force:

    1. Be willing to defend yourself
    2. Know the law
    3. Maintain situational awareness
    4. Retreat from the situation
    5. Use voice commands
    6. Use pepper spray
    7. Break away and escape
    8. Run - hide - fight
    9. Use common objects to defend yourself
    10. Defend against common weapons
    11. Use hand-to-hand offensive attacks
    12. As a last resort, use your gun

Although our primary focus is helping you learn to shoot, we think it is equally important to learn how to AVOID shooting if at all possible.

We believe that using a firearm for self-defense should be your last resort, after all other methods have failed.  For this reason we incorporate Layers of Safety into most workshops.  

In his book The Art of War, sixth-century B.C. military strategist Sun Tzu taught that "The supreme act of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting."  Similarly, ADTA believes the best outcome of a self-defense situation is to escape safely without shooting.

Police and military refer to similar concepts as the "Continuum of Force".  However our list is more applicable to the average citizen.  



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