• Skills Around the Gun (key skills to have for before and after you shoot)

    • Being on-target and accurate with the trigger is the highlight of shooting.  In a self-defense situation, everything you do leading up to that moment, from movement and presentation and manipulation, and everything you do after that moment, makes or breaks a life-or-death situation.  Join us at his free public workshop to see and learn valuable skills you need to know and practice for before and after the shot.

  • Defensive Movement, Moving Threats
  • Alternative Self-Defense Weapons
  • Hand-to-Hand Self-Defense
  • Clearing Handgun Malfunctions in Self-Defense Situations
  • Experience an ADTA Range Event: SIRT workshop and Firearm Skills
    • We invite you and your friends to experience this unique event, where we’ll take you through an entire range event using SIRT laser pistols in an on-your-feet workshop formatted just like our ADTA live-fire range events. From checking in through warmup drills to specific skill focus and development, this is a great opportunity to learn as well as invite your interested friends and family to participate in this hands-on session. SIRT laser pistols and holsters will be provided to participants during this event.
  • Handgun Takeaway and Retention
  • Introduction to Knives and Contact Weapons
  • Pepper Spray 101
  • One-on-One Scenarios: Carjacking
  • Moderated Group Scenarios
  • Accuracy, Manipulation, Presentation
  • New Shooter 101
  • Emergency Preparedness: Active-Killer Situations
  • Stress Point Index and Point Shooting Close-Range Skills
  • Getting off the "X": Using Movement, Concealment, and Cover
  • Flashlights and Low-Light Firearm Techniques
  • Practical First Aid
  • The Laws of Armed Self-Defense
  • Self-Defense for Women
  • Considering Firearms Concealed Carry
  • Home Invasion Defense: Planning, Preparedness, Skills
  • Introduction to Cartridge Loading and Reloading

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