Standard Workshop Agenda
  1. [M/C] Meeting call to start; introduce Range Safety Officer lead for the evening.
  2. [RSO] Range Safety Officer intro and key points for attendees.
  3. [M/C] Ask who's been to an ADTA meeting before; then ask who hasn't been to an ADTA meeting before.  How'd they hear about us?
  4. [M/C] Announcement regarding upcoming live-fire shoot.  If there are new participants, explain how ADTA organizes monthly live-fire shoots for members.
  5. [M/C] Opportunities to get involved; if you'd like to get involved, talk to [Ambassador present at meeting].
  6. [M/C] Introduction of any special guests or exhibitors at the event.
  7. [M/C] Event theme/content introduction and lead-in.
  8. [M/C] Introduce [Presenter].
  9. [Presenter] (workshop content).
  10. [M/C] Wrap-Up

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