Standard Live-Fire Agenda

  1. [Lead RSO] Gather participants; range safety briefing.
    1. No handling of firearms until attended and instructed to do so.
    2. At the end of the event, we'll gather everyone together again to case or carry their firearms; please do not do so on your own.
    3. If you need to handle your firearm, leave the event, or change firearms, ask a Range Safety Officer for assistance.
    4. Anyone can yell Cease Fire.  At Cease Fire or three whistle blasts, index, hold at low ready, and stay put until you receive further instructions.
  2. [Lead Instructor] 1 minute demo presentation on the role of the "Safety" (indexing, muzzle direction, and thumbs).
  3. [Lead Instructor] Event theme / intro / lead-in, overview of content and format.
  4. [Instructors] (content)
  5. [Lead RSO] Announce once we're cold, and instructions to get everyone together and checked out.

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